atomes is a dynamic, enthusiastic and professional company that focuses on a single
goal: to continuously improve the quality of the environment where our fellow citizens live,
work, play, study and receive medical care, with a view to pushing back the frontiers of
longevity while respecting the environment...

Who We Are

Atomes is a leader in the chemical and biotechnological hygiene products industry. On the strength of its competent scientists, atomes offers unparalleled hygiene products and an outstanding ability to meet new challenges.

History and Mission

Atomes is a Canadian company founded in 1999 by a team of scientists. These professional industrial chemists and Microbiologists have applied their technical knowledge and expertise to the development of products that satisfy the growing needs of public hygiene. They believed that more stringent methods of sanitation control would improve public health protection. atomes' founders successfully laid the foundations of a dynamic company, an innovator in the field of hygienic products and related services.

From its earliest beginnings in research, manufacturing and marketing specialty chemicals for food-processing establishements, atomes has remained committed to its original philosophy: "solution provider through innovation".

Today, with a team of scientists supported by their staff, Atomes

  • Develops and manufactures more than 100 chemical and biotechnological specialties for commercial, industrial and institutional markets.
  • Develops and manufactures basic chemical surfactants and emulsions, as well as non-pathogenic strains for biotechnological applications.

Atomes is a dynamic, enthusiastic and professional company that focuses on a single goal: to continuously improve the quality of the environment where our fellow citizens live, work, play, study and receive medical care, with a view to pushing back the frontiers of longevity while respecting the environment.


The marketing of products and services ensues from a highly efficient process of analysis and satisfying the requirements of its clientele, with an emphasis on development of added value, performance and quality in all marketing phases.

A team of atomes solution professionals harnesses the most advanced scientific and marketing tools and studies to highlight the economic qualities and advantages of Atomes products and services.

Moreover, atomes has dedicated product line specialists to recruit, train and support its representatives, distributors and commercial partners to ensure that the hygiene programs are implemented efficiently to meet the needs of every clientele.

What we do

Atomes manufactures over 100 chemical and biotechnological hygiene products at its principal plant situated in Montreal Canada, which also houses its research and development activities.

With three main mixers and one bioreactor, the Montreal plant can adequately meet the national market demand and a large portion of its exports in the innovative and value-added product segments. The production and formulation procedures measure up to the highest environmental waste standards.

Atomes offer a complete product line of specialty chemicals and sanitizers (disinfectants) including:

  • Non foaming acidic cleaners
  • Acidic foaming cleaners
  • Neutral degreasers
  • Non foaming alkaline degreasers
  • Foaming alkaline degreasers
  • Non foaming chlorinated alkaline cleaners
  • Foaming chlorinated alkaline cleaners
  • Quaternary ammonium chloride based sanitizers and chlorinated sanitizers
  • Liquid anti-bacterial Hand Soap
  • Detergent and rinse for automatic dishwashers
  • Water treatment specialty chemicals

These products are approved by Health Canada and Agriculture Canada (Canadian Food Inspection Agency). The Sanitizers hold DIN number.

Chemical Hygiene Products

Atomes offers over 100 innovative chemical and biotechnological hygiene solutions for building maintenance, surface protection and disinfecting, degreasing and sanitizing, dishwashing as well as for the treatment of bad odours and organic or mineral wasters and for numerous other applications in human environments.

Biotechnological Products

Atomes has a complete product line of Biotechnological products based on neutral degreasers, stable enzymatic products and stable bacterial products including:

  • Biotechnological degreasers and cleaners for food industry
  • Biotechnological products for odour control
  • Biotechnological products for organic residue treatment
  • Biotechnological products for waste water and petrochemical residue treatment
  • Biotechnological products for septic tank, lagoon and pond treatment

Quality Control

Quality control at Atomes is a permanent process of positioning the company above the standards of the hygiene industry with respect to formulation, manufacturing, distribution and after-sales service.

In essence, all aspects of product design, ranging from raw materials to commercialization, are rigorously controlled in order to exceed the technical standards prevailing in the industry, attain superior application performance, abide by current regulations and fulfill atomes environmental mission.

Atomes conducts more than 25 quality control tests in chemistry and biotechnology and invariably abides by Canadian and international regulations, depending on the product. In addition to specific instructions on their use, products are tested to respond to several cycles in variation of temperature and long-term stability standards regardless of the region where the product is marketed.

Services we offer:

  • HACCP Procedures.
  • Training Washing and Sanitation.
  • Training Microbiology and composition of cleaners.
  • Test Kits and procedures to determine the concentration of cleaners and sanitizers.
  • Design specific products to satisfy your specific needs (Your Product of Choice).
  • Microbiological analyses and Bacterial count on surfaces.

Finally, each Atomes product is identified by a batch number that allows tracing of the standard sample, controlled for the previous five years, depending on the product. In the hygiene industry, Atomes is a STANDARD SETTER not only in innovation and added value but also in quality control.

These Biotechnology-based products are:

  • Neutral
  • Biodegradable
  • Environmentally-friendly
  • Safe on Surfaces
  • Safe for users
  • Non-toxic

Where we are

Head office:
Boul Levesque, Laval Qc



Customer service and shipping is located at:
3485 Rue Ashby
Ville St. Laurent, Quebec
H4R 2K3
Tel: (514) 745-2597


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